Contractor Profile

In order to comply with the transparency and non-discrimination principles that are set out in the applicable procurement and contracting legislation, Metro Bilbao hereby is publishing a summary of the criteria governing the selection of bidders in the calls to tender.

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The applicable legislation regarding procurement is:

  • Act 9/2017, on Public Sector Contracts, of 8 November.
  • Royal Decree-Law 3/2020, regarding procurement procedures in the water, energy, transport and postal service sectors, of 5 February 2020. Metro Bilbao has rating systems established in order to duly comply with the above legislation.

Metro Bilbao Rating System:

  • Energy: together with Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona S.A., Transports de Barcelona S.A., Proyectes i Serveis de Mobilitat S.A. (TMB), Metro de Málaga, Tranvías Urbanos de Zaragoza S.L. and UTE Operación Tranvía de Murcia.

Metro Bilbao uses this system as a supplier selection tool in restricted and negotiated procedures. It is a tool capable of efficiently registering the procedures and ensuring that they are kept up to date. The tool is objective and non-discriminatory and in turn, it ensures that the procurements are sufficiently streamlined.

Every year, in order to comply with current legislation, the Rating Systems are published in the Metro Bilbao Contractor Profile, and in the OJEC (Official Journal of the European Communities), B.O.E. (Spanish Official Gazette) and B.O.P.V (Basque Country Official Gazette)., with those notices being deemed to be the calls to tender.

Registration in the “Energy” Rating System is permanently open to any interested supplier.

Moreover, when it deems so appropriate, Metro Bilbao may also publish specific contract announcements.