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Carta de Servicios

Metro Bilbao has published the general results for the indicators contained in the Service Charter, which represent the global activity in those services offered to the passengers and which Metro Bilbao has undertaken voluntarily. 

Those results should be taken to reflect the different activities and services for the general public, and provide an opportunity to be able to measure the work performed according to previously established parameters and indicators and always aimed at improving the service and transparency in management.


Metro Bilbao thus discloses and provides information for its users and general public on the services entrusted to the company, the conditions in which they are provided and its quality commitment regarding providing those services.

Carta de servicios 2018-2019 (resumen)

Carta de servicio 2018-2019 (completa)


Sustainable development is development that meets current needs  without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. And public transport is a key sector for progress in that area. This explains out commitment to sustainability. 

Metro Bilbao believes that there is another way live better and be more committed to the environment.

Fewer tons of CO2, less traffic on the roads, less noise and pollution. More pedestrian areas, better carparks and much more liveable cities. 

Public transport is in itself the best tool to work to protect the environment.

We  have created “metrobio” to raise public awareness that each journey by underground is a major contribution towards improving the environment. 

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Environmental Management System


Metro Bilbao understands that its activities generate an impact on the environment and, therefore, has established an Environmental Policy as part of its General Corporate Policy, adopting the concept of Environmental Protection as a new corporate target.

Download Environmental Policy

ISO 14064 carbon footprint.

Download GEIS gas report 2017

Social Responsibility and Ethical Management System (SGE-21)

The Metro Bilbao mission is to be the cornerstone of the Bizkaia passenger transport system, by providing a first-rate service by means of:

* Transparent, efficient and effective management of resources.

* Using the latest human and technological safety resources.

* A responsible commitment to society and sustainable development.

* Satisfied employees and involved in their work.