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More than a metro

Metro Bilbao offers its facilities free of charge to host different actions, aimed at enriching and offering value added to all public transport users.

Metro Bilbao, as a socially responsible company, strives to develop conditions that create a more favourable social environment. This was one of the main aspects in the design stage of the underground system: to become a public transport system that served society as a whole.

Another commitment arising from corporate social responsibility is to voluntarily become involved in the environmental, cultural and social concerns and worries of the society it serves, by supporting those social collectives that represent the diversity of the general public.

For years now, Metro Bilbao has therefore been working on actions that go beyond first-rate public transport. In short, there is an important role that companies must play in this social universe. Embarking on Corporate Social Responsibility implies changes in the way of doing things.  A new form of business management that seeks to improve the life of everyone.

Therefore, the idea focuses on opening up the Metro Bilbao facilities to actions that provide the general public with a value added to a first-rate public transport service. 

Collaborations 2018

Exposition “Activate +” GAP Bizkaia
Exposition “Sail In Festival” Sail in
Choir “Santa Agueda” Coro de Arratia
Exposition “Save Water” y “Sociedad Sostenible” Koopera Caritas
Collaboration 50th Aniversary Anesvad
Collaboration 40th Aniversary Aspace
Exposition Basque Fest Bilbao Turismo
Collaboration “Estropatada” Work on project
Exposition “Forges” Ja! Bilbao
Exposition “XI. Klasikoen Irakurraldi Jarraitua” Bilbo Zaharra
Exposition “Final Euroliga Baloncesto Paraolimpico” Bidaideak Bilbao BSR
Collaboration Marcha Solidaria Fundación Síndrome Down
Collaboration Día del Voluntario/a Fundación Leizaola
Collaboration Día de la Discapacidad Feekor
Collaboration Día Mundial Esclerosis Múltiple" y “Busti Zaitez”Fund. Esclerosis Múltiple Eugenia Epalza
Exposition “38 Trofeo Argizaiola” Bilbo Argazki
Exposition 60th Aniversary Cuevas Pozalagua
Exposition 60th Aniversary Amigos del Ferrocarril
Exposition “Cine Invisible” KCD ONGD
Exposition “Mendi Film Festival” Mendi Film 
Exposition “40 años libertad e igualdad lgtbi”"Ortzadar
Exposition “¿Y si tomamos medidas?”"Economistas Sin Fronteras