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Getting along on the Metro

The Metro Bilbao awareness campaign aims to foster the civilised use of the underground, as everyone respecting the rules makes for a more pleasant journey for all users and the Metro Bilbao staff.

Everyone aged 6 and over has to pay for a ticket. It means you will be insured when travelling.

6 years

Everyone aged 6 or over has to pay to travel. Not doing so is detrimental to everyone, as the ticket includes compulsory passenger insurance (CPI) that covers any incident during the journey. Children under 6 can travel free of charge, even though proof of their age must be product if the station staff ask to see it.

Behave in a respectful and appropriate way as there are other people travelling with you.

The Metro is a public place where actions such as eating, drinking or listening to loud music can bother other people travelling with you. Remembering the basic rules of respectful and appropriate behaviour will help make the journey more pleasant.

Always stand on your right on the escalators.

You should stand on the right when you are going up or down the escalators. That means you will leave room for people to pass you.

Let people get off before getting on. It prevents bottlenecks.

This is much more than common courtesy. The train will empty only if you let the people off who have reached their destination and there will be room for the people getting on. It is therefore very important to leave the doors free so the people can get off quickly.

Only pets weighing under 8 kilos can travel and they should be carried.

Dogs and cats can travel by metro if they weigh under 8 kilos. They do not need tickets but their owners must respect some rules so they do not bother the other users. Cats must always be in a closed pet carrier or crate. Dogs must be on a lead and carried or in a crate or pet carrier. They may not be put down on the floor of the station or train. These rules do not apply to guide or law enforcement dogs.

Respect the absolute priority zone.

There are reserved zones in the first and last wagon for pushchairs and people with specific needs, such as pregnant women, the elderly or people with limited mobility. You must always give up that space to them. People in a wheel chair, with a pushchair or heavy packages must always use the first or last door of the Metro train, as they need more space to travel comfortably.

Do not run to catch a train. Another one will be along soon.

The frequency of the Metro Bilbao service means that you will only have to wait a few minutes to catch the next one if you miss the train. You should therefore not run to catch the train, as that can cause people to slip, collide, push, which are unnecessary and can be avoided.

Do not enter or leave the wagon when you hear the doors closing sound.

The punctuality of the Metro is one of its features that is most appreciated by the users and the service will only continue to be punctual if it is used properly. Passengers getting on and off the train correctly can help to achieve this. When you hear the door closing sound, do not get on or off the train, as apart from that being dangerous, it can cause delays to the service.

All the Metro Bilbao rules can be found at General contracting conditions

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