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Some of the most beautiful beaches along the northern coast are within a stone's throw of Bilbao Enjoy a stroll along the shore or catch some waves on a surfboard..

Plentzia Station.

As you leave Plentiza Station,you will see a pedestrian walkway just opposite on the other side of the street. Cross the walkway and then turn left and carry along the stunning Plentzia river estuary until you come to the beach. Plentzia is a charming and peaceful small town, and as you stroll through the Old Town with its narrow streets, you will come across sailor’s homes and small mansions that are among its main features. Plentzia is located in a unique natural setting. The clean green waters of the river estuary, dotted with moored boats, flow out to the sea, where you will find a 400-metre long beach in a beautiful bay close to thetown. 

Plentzia beach is famous for being a quiet beach, ideal for water sports such as surfing, paddle board, etc.

You can surf the long left-breaking waves with a sandy seabed. The best time to go surfing is at lowtide.

And on those days where there are no waves, there is a sign-posted path (GR-280) that leads to the impressive castle of the Butrón family.

To reach the path, cross the pedestrian walkway and turn right, where you will find the signs to the path.

Photoscourtesy of Plentzia tourist office   www.visitplentzia.com

If you continue along the promenade, you will come to Gorliz Beach. Gorliz is nature. It is famous for its quiet beach and its stunning mountains, and sea blue and mountain green are its colours. An ideal spot for water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing or canoeing and land sports, such as mountain biking, hiking or horse riding. Its extensive stretches of sand and its safe bathing make this beach popular with families. There is a beautiful promenade running along the beach.

Photos courtesy of GorlizTourist Office  www.visitgorliz.eus

Larrabasterra Station

Just as you come out of Larrabasterra station, turn right and when you come to the first crossroads, turn left into Avenida de Arriatera. After about a 20 minute walk on foot, you will come to a car park where you can choose between two beaches, on the left there is the Wild Beach – Barinatxe, and if you continue a few metres to the right, you will find the Arriatera-Atxabiribil beach.

During the summer months, there is a  bus service (Sopelbus) between Larrabasterra Metro Station and these two beaches.

Sopelana is nature at its purest, huge cliffs drop down to the wildest beaches along the coast of Bizkaia. It is the ideal spot for sports such as surfing, hang-gliding or climbing. The most popular beaches are the Arrietara – Atxabiribil beach and the Wild Beach – Barinatxe.

Arrietara– Atxabiribil Beach, a 800-metre long beach, with fine sand. It is a windy beach with large waves, protected by a cliff, ideal for surfing, but also where there are more surfers, waves and surf shops per square metre and it can even seem overcrowded. Left-and right-breaking waves with rocky and sandy seabed.

Good facilities with many services such as car parks, showers, toilets, children’s playgrounds, bicycle racks, luggage storage facliities, etc.

WildBeach – Barinatxe, a 750-metre long nudist beach, separated from Arrietara beach by a rocky cove called “La Triangu”. It is a windy beach with large breakers that is very popular.

Rather popular beach with surfers, with right-breaking and left-breaking waves, with rocky and sandy seabed.

Nudism is traditionally practised along the sides of the beach and one curious feature is the internationally known nudist race is held in September. It is one of the most popular beaches in summer.

Meñakoz is another nudist beach, which can be reached on foot along a pebble and stone path. Ideal for expert surfists due to its rockyseabed.

Photos courtesy of Sopela tourist office www.sopelaudala.org

Neguri Station

Ereaga Beach, After you leave Neguri Station, turn left along the Avenida de Algorta and continue to the end, then go along the Paseo del Marqués de Arriluce e Ibarra promenade until you reach Ereaga Beach.

A 15-minute walk past stunning period mansions.

This beach is located on the mouth of the river estuary, in the Getxo municipality.Its 800 metres of fine sand and its easy access, along with its manyfacilities, particularly in summer, make this beach one of the most popular.

Surfers will find a breaker here near to the port, with left- and right-breaking waves that end in strong breaks at high tide. Beach with sand and rock seabed. This beach runs between the marina and old harbour of Algorta.

Bidezabal Station

Arrigunaga Beach, is a small rocky and sandy beach at the mouth of the river estuary. It is located in the municipality of Getxo and it is more popular with local residents than with tourists

There is a landscaped area at the top of the beach with a playground and an area for sunbathing.

To reach this beach, leave Bidezábal Beach and go up the slope from the station and then take the first street to the left and go along Calle Altube to the end where you will come to the landscaped area and beach. There is a short but rather steep path to the beach.

Photos courtesy of Getxo tourist office www.getxo.eus/turismo