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What are the Metro Bilbao fare zones?

Metro Bilbao has established a zone system organised as follows:

  • Zone 1: the stations between Bolueta and San Ignazio.
  • Zone 2: Etxebarri, Ariz and Basauri stations.
  • Zone 2: the stations between Lutxana and Berango.
  • Zone 2: the stations between Gurutzeta-Cruces and Kabiezes.
  • Zone 3: the stations between Larrabasterra and Plentzia. 

The fare structure is defined by the tariff zones and the volume of customers of them.

Complementary services outside the Metro operating hours.

The Metro service itself runs from 06.00 to 23.00 on Monday to Thursday as not enough customers would use the service outside those hours to justify keeping it open longer, with all the expense that this would entail. However, Metro Bilbao offers a complementary bus service on the right bank of the river. On the left bank, an equivalent service is offered by Bizkaibus and RENFE train services.

*Over the next several weeks, no bus will make a stop in Berango, due to the works that the City Council carries out in the area.

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Why do the ticket machines not give bank notes as change?

There are hardly any transportsystems anywhere in the world where automatic ticket vending machines return bank notes, because this would complicate the operating of these machines excessively and slow down operations. It would also be very expensive. To simplify ticket purchasing Metro Bilbao does, however, offer the possibility of purchasing any type of ticket using a credit card.

Why is there no underground service before six in the morning and after 11 at night?

An underground system can only be kept open if it carries large numbers of people. The timetables of a metropolitan transport system must take into account the demand for mobility at different times of day. Metro Bilbao has determined that demand outside current operating hours is not sufficient to justify maintaining a mass transit system. Metro Bilbao offers a complementary bus service that covers the route both ways between the Casco Viejo and Plentzia stations outside the usual metro opening hours. For timetables and stops see the Timetables and Frequencies section.

Can I travel with my pet?

You can now:

• Travel on the metro with your dog or cat and if it is not dangerous or will bother the other passengers due to its form, bulk, noise or smell.The metro staff will assess whether the animal is a danger before authorising its access.

• You can only travel with a dog or a cat that weigh under 8 Kg and in the following conditions:

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Why are there no public toilets on the Metro Bilbao stations?

There are several reasons why there are no public lavatories at our stations. These include: firstly, there is no legislation that requires us to provide them. Secondly, waiting time at Metro stations is minimal when compared with medium and long distance lines. And finally, the architectural design of the stations seeks to create open spaces with no concealed areas, for the sake of maximising safety. It is hard to keepwatch over public lavatories, which makes them “ideal” areas for illegal actions.

Why is there no non-stop night service on Fridays as on Saturdays in winter?

Because passenger numbers recorded to date on Fridays and the eves of public holidays do not justify the maintaining of a service such as the one provided on Saturdays. A public transport system is expensive and can only be justified when large numbers of passengers are carried.

Why are some entrances closed during the night service?

The decision to reduce the number of entrances in this type of circumstances, it is common practice in the world’s underground services as a measure to increase and guarantee passenger safety. We consider that it is best to keep only the entrances nearest to the station office open so as to provide customers with speedier, more efficient service.