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Metro Bilbao offers much more than photographs and images: a world of steel, concrete and glass forming immense vaults, lifts, escalators, passages, lines and trains; all this is part of an innovative design never before seen in an underground system.

Our aim is to create a set for films, photography, advertising, communication and marketing by showcasing the Metro Bilbao facilities as the place to stagefor your projects.

You can turn Metro Bilbao into the scenario for documentaries, films, reports, adverts, photography… Metro Bilbao is the ideal backdrop for all of them.

For further information please contact the Metro Bilbao Marketing Department by phoning 94 425 40 00 or sending an email to: info@metrobilbao.eus


Last proyects

Date Activity Proyect Producer
2018September Filming a commercial Jack WolfskinMedia Attack
2017 SeptemberFilming a commercialCoca-ColaLandia
2016May Filming a documentary Spezial BaskelandDoppio.tv
2015 NovemberPhotos for proyect
Concrete Antón Goiri
2014June Filming a commercial MustangLa Quadra Coop.
2013 JulyShooting a feature film Tres mentiras Blogmedia
2012September Flashmob BOS El Correo
2012February Filming a commercial Web Move Euskadi Ornitorrinco Producciones
2011September Filming a commercial Volvotwenty 4 seven
2011 JuneFlashmob BugabooFlan de Coco
2010 JuneFilming a commercial MicralaxOVIDEO
2010 June Filming  a video Flash MobBILBAO 700
2010 March Filming  a video The theatre company TEATRO DELLARTE
2010 February Filming a commercial Nike-MuniainLASTLAP
2010 January Filming for TVE Pilot episode for series K-2000

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