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Metro Bilbao has enabled this section on the website that includes information, documentation and links to other websites where the measures, guides, and action protocols adopted before the declaration of alarm status are collected, for the management of the health situation caused by the COVID-19.

"Your safe trip" Protocol

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Metro Bilbao includes in this protocol “Your safe trip” all the actions for the prevention of contagion by coronavirus that it has carried out in all of its facilities. 

The certification has been issued on June 26 by Applus Certification, a world leader in the field of inspection, testing and certification. 

After the audit, the certificate concludes that no deviation has been detected, and the creation of the Covid-19 Committee from the start of the pandemic, made up of the Managing Director, the 5 Area Directorates, the Head of Communication and Marketing and the Head of the Prevention Service, who have piloted at the highest level all the actions that have been implemented in the company, maintaining constant coordination with the different work groups generated for the prevention and control of risks Covid19 .

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Use of mask

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From Monday, May 4, as stated in Order TMA / 384/2020, the use of masks that cover the nose and mouth will be mandatory for all users of Metro Bilbao.

Each user must have their mask and wear it correctly throughout the journey, from the moment they access the facilities at the origin station, until they leave the destination station.

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Hydroalcoholic gel

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As of May 11, all Metro Bilbao stations will have hydroalcoholic gel dispensers available to customers.

The dispensers are located in the help points for communication with our staff.

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Remember, if you have to travel follow these recommendations.

 - While you wait on the platform, spread out along it. 

 - Load your Barik “on line” here: https://www.ctb.eus/es/app-barik-nfc (avoid using vending machines).

 - The use of masks will be mandatory for all users of Metro Bilbao.

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Cleaning and disinfection

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At night, we carry out high intensity disinfection and cleaning work on stations and trains.

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Customer Service

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The Customer Service Offices of Zazpikaleak / Casco Viejo, Areeta and Ansio have reopened their doors since Monday, May 11, with their usual hours.As protection measures, our offices have:

- Fixed screens in each of the stations
- Mobile partitions for placement among customers
- Floor vinyls indicating the separation distance and the tail direction

Remember that you can also contact:

-  Phone 94 685 5000

- In section Your opinion counts

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The CTB has processed the extension of validity in three additional months, of all Barik cards whose expiration date is between March 16 and April 30, both additional dates.

For the expiration extension to be effective, a query or recharge must be made at any of the following points:

• In the NFC BARIK APP of the CTB that can be downloaded in Google Play

• In any of the Metro Bilbao, Euskotren, Euskotran and Renfe machines.

• In the Bizkaibus and Bilbobus cabins.

• In the Bizkaia transporter bridge.

• In the network of kiosks and tobacconists.

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Thank you

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Thanks to those who do not stop to stop the virus. 

Professionals of health, cleaning, security, distribution, transport … 


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